Title: The best gems codes for ourworld

If you are looking for some codes and cheats for ourworld to get free gems that can help you to get all those cool items for your avatar and also for your condo on ourWorld you have reached the right place. This article will inform you about the real gems codes for ourworld that you can use to generate unlimited number of coins and gems without spending any money. Generating gems through this cheat can be simple but it needs you to work. You can generate as many gems as you wish to by using this cheat, but always keep in mind to follow the below steps in the right way to get those free gems awarded in your account. Read on the step by step description of the cheat,

  • In the ourWorld page of your account open the “friends” tab, which has been given in order to help you invite and add friends easily. Click the “invite friends” link and a box asking for the email address of your friend will come up.
  • Now what you need to do to get the gems codes for ourworld for free is to put your own email address in the box instead of the email of your friend. Once you do that, you will receive an invitation from ourWorld to join the game right in your mail box. The email might take some time, so have patience and do not try to repeat the process before you get the invitation.
  • Now open the email invitation that you have received in your inbox and click on the “go to ourWorld” link provided in the email. It will take you to the Home page of the game and on the home page opt for the “Not a member” link and join again.


  • Once you join, you will be able to start with a new avatar. As you will reach level 5 with this new avatar, which is sure to not to take much time for a practiced player, you will receive 5 gems in your original account for introducing a friend who has covered till level 5.

The best thing about this gems codes for ourworld is that you can use this cheat as many times as you want without the risk of getting banned. You can also create fake email IDs and create new avatars to get more gems in your original account. Spinning the wheel 100 times or even more in a day can also help you to get “flow”.